Dead Give-Aways He's Flirting With You/ Is He Flirting Or Just Being Friendly?

Flirting is some of the most discreet encounters fun, someone said once, that you can have with your clothes on. It's a great way to meet people, to express yourself romantically and harmlessly. If you're not an expert flirt or a beginner at flirting, how do you know when he's flirting? A lot of the flirting tactics can be mis-reading someone who's just genuinely outgoing or friendly. You want to avoid the embarrassment of flirting with someone who's not interested, save public face and feel confident in reading the situation correctly. There are a few easy-to-recognize signs when a man is flirting with you:

  1. Body Language: we all give ourselves away physically, and most times we aren't even aware of it. The simple way we stand, how close we stand, the amount of eye-contact and the way we smile can all reflect when we're attracted to someone. He could be flirting if he's standing close, or shifts his weight to be closer to you. Leaning over to speak (if you're in a loud place, for example) can be a sign. Making steady but not creepy eye-contact with you, without scoping the room to look at other women is a plus. Crossed arms or distance can be negative signals. Also, there's the possibility that if he's brushing back his hair or scratching his ear is in reaction to being attracted.
  2. What He Says: when we're interested in someone, we try to sell ourselves. Whether it's attempting to grab your attention for being the wittiest in the group, while directing his attention towards you- he might be flirting with you. Compliments can usually seem clear, but if he's complimenting everyone in your group- he's probably just a nice guy. If he starts asking you loads of questions, it's to show he's interested in who you are. Coupled with a more intimate body language, it can definitely mean he's being flirtatious.
  3. The Full Time: when you're out for an evening, see if he comes swinging back or even exchanges glances with you across the room. If it happens more than once, he could be interested in you. Is he making excuses to speak to you, or be next to you? And one of the clearest signals: asking for your email or phone number, to chat again. Don't feel discouraged if you felt he was flirting with you and doesn't ask, though. There's always the chance he's shy and will get your information from a mutual friend.

With a little practice and some confidence you can flirt your way to his affections. With some easy observation skills, you can figure out if he's flirting with you in a hearbeat.