Getting a Bad Relationship Back To Good/ Mending a Miserable Relationships

Relationships are not an easy thing, by any means. There are the beautiful, sunny points and the rough-patches that each relationship has to go through. We've all had good and bad relationships, but when you're in what you once thought was a great relationship that is now going sour, you can feel helpless. Is there any way you can work your way back to the beginning, or at least iron out the problems you're having? Of course there is- when you really want to save your relationship and make it work, you have to put the effort in. Both of you. But most relationships are salvageable. In fact many that get through the difficulties end up being stronger after. A few things to keep in mind, when you're repairing a bad relationship:

  1. Communication is one of the main reasons relationships start to suffer and fall apart. The less communication you have, the more the other person is put in the role of 'partner/psychic,' and many times they guess you wrong. It's up to you to tell your partner what's going on inside of your head. There are different ways of talking to them, without getting in an argument.
  2. Start off by finding a good, calm time you can both sit down and make a date. Set it a few days ahead, and let them know that you'd like to discuss the relationship. This gives you both time to sit down and think about your personal needs or wants, and things you think you can do better. This is a time to be very honest with yourself- it is, after all, with the goal of making your relationship better. If you want to criticize anything about the partner or the relationship itself, think about your wording carefully.
  3. Speaking about trouble in a relationship is never easy, but you can make it less painful if when you do talk- you're not playing the Blame Game. It's a lot better if you start out with accountability of where you can improve, before pointing fingers at your partner. Also discussing each point thoroughly without rushing through it can be helpful.
  4. Come up with valid solutions for the problems you're having, and agree on them together. It won't be exactly useful if you find a way that isn't going to work, or is imbalanced between the two of you.
  5. Working on repairing your relationship also means working on yourself, to some extent. You have to be open to change, even minor changes, if it's going to get back to a golden relationship.
  6. Everyone has problems in their relationships from time to time. If you feel you can repair your bad relationship, there's no time like the present to start working your way back to happiness.