First-Rate First Date Ideas / First Dates: Great Ideas to Inspire You

It's hard enough to overcome and get through the asking of the first date. Once you've succeeded at that, you're onto step two: planning the perfect first date. First dates going well is important when you're really into someone, because if it goes smoothly it's nearly a guarantee for a second, and then a third. The biggest problem we face with first dates is we don't usually know the person well. Their likes, dislikes, favorites and what they abhor. The good news is that many people say that when they like someone, the date itself isn't that important. If you want to really impress, however, you can take a look at these first date ideas for some inspiration:

  1. Depending on the weather, plan a walk either around town or in the countryside as a memorable first date. As boring as that might sound, it's a great way to comfortably talk and get to know someone without the pressure of constant face-to-face contact. It's ideal for painfully shy people. A well-organized walk could start in a coffee shop, go past a favorite part of town (conversation point, if you're afraid of clamming up) and end with a glass of wine in a bistro.
  2. Activity dates can be unforgettable and fun. Beyond bowling, what about ice-skating, roller-skating (there are retro rinks out there), go-carts, pedal boats or folf? You don't have to be an expert at it- in fact, it might be better if you aren't.
  3. Diners, coffee shops and tea rooms. Great for those talkative souls that want to chat. There are also specialty shops which sell hot chocolate, which is fantastic during the winter as a memorable first date. Scope out all of the possibilities before deciding on one- each shop or place has its own atmosphere you can use to your advantage.
  4. Go into public- a book reading or a wine-tasting with cheese, for example. This takes the pressure off of both of you when you're in a group and it gives you conversation topics. These are much better than a film, which isn't interactive and can be awkward, or dinner. Eating in front of a possible romance on a first date might be uncomfortable, and doesn't leave much time for conversation.
  5. Seasonal first dates can also be memorable. From spring to autumn, you can plan a picnic or go fishing. Summer and autumn might have traveling fairs or an open boardwalk with rides. And in the winter you can go sledding.
  6. Keep in mind the best days for a first date are typically Wednesday and Thursday, when people have freer schedules and less distractions.

A lot of these ideas might seem a bit young for you, or too safe- but it is after all your first date that you want to be absolutely memorable. The more comfortable you both are, or the more fun you have, the more relaxed and natural you can be to show your best side.