The Hot Spots to Meet Hot Guys / Meeting Marvelous Men Out and About

Rumor has it that there are oodles of available, hot single men out there in the wide world of dating, but meeting them seems to be more difficult than hearing about them. Finding a good-looking single man these days may seem next to impossible, but with a little creative thinking there are many ways to meet hot guys. How and where does a fabulous single woman find a man who's also on the market and looking? Here are a few tips that might help or even inspire you:

  1. On-line dating. It's almost an old stand-by now, but with new dating sites springing up on a daily basis. There really is something out there for everyone, with specialized sites streamlined by hobbies, ages, even health issues. Some are platonic, if you're a bit shy about dipping your toe into on-line dating, to get some safe practice without feeling self-conscious.
  2. Go shopping. The stereotype of going to the food shops and trolling for romance with a trolley is a bit out-of-date, but it can work. Think of all of the other shops men tend to flock at: hardware stores, electronic stores and even DVD rentals are all perfect places. Look around your flat, and see if you have any DIY you can do. Go window-shopping for the latest technology in sound systems. Spend some time in the action section of your local rental shop. All of these open up opportunities for chatting: asking questions about the products or details from anyone who's nearby, and they don't necessarily have to work there.
  3. Joining a club or a class. While going clubbing has its time and place, it's a terrible way to strike up a conversation, much less a romance. Joining a club that meets weekly or monthly can re-socialize your life in a fresh way. There are wine-tasting clubs, book clubs with author's readings- take an interest you have and build on it. You can also take a class for something you've always wanted to learn: a new language or a new skill, like drawing. Even if you don't meet a hot, single guy there, you can make contacts that might have single friends.
  4. It's OK to put the word out on the street. Tell people around you that you're looking for a good looking guy to date. It isn't a sign of desperation, it's being proactive about the dating scene. The plus side of this is that your friends, colleagues and family know you, so they'll be able to assess the single men they know for what you like.

It's not only possible but probable to meet hot, sexy, single men- you just have to try a few different approaches to your dating repertoire and use your imagination.