Make Her Jealous Streak Disappear/ Comforting Her Fears, Calming Her Down

Some of the largest problems in a relationship stems from insecurities, no matter which side. Men can feel a bit lost, though, in trying to make their girl feel safe and secure in the relationship. It can be a little frustrating when she won't listen to you explain, or she gets overly-emotional. You have absolutely no intention of straying, but she just won't believe you. If you're at your wits' end, and you're afraid the relationship is suffering from her not feeling secure- if you even think there's a chance of losing the relationship, then you might want to try some tips to take away her jealousy.

  1. She's not always been this reactive, so you'll have to take a look at what's changed. Is it your behavior, a new female friend you've got that drives her loony or has something changed in her life, which generally makes her feel unbalanced- and she's simply taking it out on you? If you're dealing with your own problems, you might have pulled away from her, and she senses it. Let her know what's on your mind and what's going on. Being open and honest takes away her suspicions.
  2. If it's due to another woman that you have in your life, there has to be some compromise on both ends in the relationship to make your woman feel more secure. It's not that you can't have friendships with the opposite sex. It's that you have to find a balance between your friend-time and your time with her. Expressing the reasons behind being friends to your girlfriend can go a long way towards alleviating her worries. Making sure you're still affectionate is another necessary part. Even a simple compliment can ease the tension.
  3. If she's struggling with work or family, then she might take it out on you to relieve her emotions. There are two important things you can do: listen to her patiently and give her more than usual affection. Sometimes just being there is enough- if she's got something affecting her, compromise by giving her more of your attention and time.
  4. There are some people out there that are just plain jealous, usually from a personal insecurity or insecurities. Which means they might not change in the relationship. It also means you might have to make a choice between how much jealousy you can take, and whether it's worth it. Generally, however, most women's insecurities last for short periods of time and can be worked through, together.

Everyone has problems in their relationships from time to time. If you feel you can repair your bad relationship, there's no time like the present to start working your way back to happiness.