Letting Her Chase After You / The Hunt Is On With Reversed Roles

Men have a tendency to embrace the traditional roles of male-female, which includes men chasing, capturing and their romance long-term. The roles have and are changing, though, with more women than ever taking the front seat in the dating realm. It's not as unusual as it seems. If you want to 'let' her chase you, you'll need a few different tactics than you normally use when you're the hunter, not the hunted. There are a few ways you can reverse the roles, making sure you're golden in her eyes and having her not only show it but go for it. Wouldn't it be nice to sit back, relax and let her do the legwork- to capture you?

  1. The Brits say 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen,' and that seems to pave the way for some men. You don't have to become a terrible guy, however, to get her attention and get her to not only notice but chase you. Playing hard to get, not interested or arms' length goes the same way with many women as men- they like the challenge. The problem you may run into is over-doing it, and making them think that you really aren't interested. At all. When choosing to play these kind of games, don't take it lightly and don't let it drag on too long.
  2. Focusing on the woman's personality rather than sex. Flirtation is great, and a necessary part of the dating/mating ritual. Leaving them wanting more is the best way to go for keeping her interest up and her sights set on you. Keep the physicality out of it. Showing a genuine rapport with her personality. Women also find it irresistible to be resistible. Building up a friendship-like relationship and ignoring the lustful side will pull her in.
  3. There's a very thin line between cocky and confident, but confidence is an asset you need to acquire if you want her scrambling after you. The chase is on when you're happy with yourself and it's reflected externally. You can make small changes to your typical style, just to raise your game and the stakes. Getting a slightly different hairstyle or a few nice pieces of clothing to complement your normal wardrobe help to increase your confidence.
  4. Girls attract girls, so the guys that have girls as friends also attract other women. It plucks at the competitive perspective, wanting what others have, and the safety factor of if other women trust you, the woman of your dreams can too. And she'll give it a try if she feels you're worth it.

Getting women to chase you isn't the hardest part of the dating scene, it's keeping the woman you like for a longer period of time. You can be a little coy, but don't forget that half of the fun in the chase is letting yourself get caught.