Forgiving Your Straying Spouse / Forgiving But Not Forgetting Your Cheating Husband

Have you just met your perfect match, in every way but one? The one problem being that they live either hours or even days of travel away? When you decide to go into a long-distance relationship, you aren't sure what to do, how to do or if it's even possible. It is- don't lose heart! It's not nearly as easy as a traditional relationship- it's not like you get to see each other every day if you want to- but it's manageable, especially nowadays with the technology that's available. You'll both need to be dedicated to keeping up the contact, but you truly can make a long-distance love affair last.

If you're new to dating long-distance, you'll need some tips for things you should think about and what you can do at the start of the relationship. If you've been doing it awhile, you might need some advice or ideas on how to keep the romance involved and alive. There are loads of articles here, where you can find information about your long-distance relationship.

Falling in love with someone or finding that perfect match is difficult enough. When you find them and they don't live close by, it can be hard going- but it can be done. Find out how here.

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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long Distance Relationship