Losing Love and Coping With It/ Dealing With Losing the One You Really Love

Dealing with a break-up is terribly difficult. The whole process can interrupt your life. It might seem like you'll never recover, or never love again. You will. You just need to take your time, and be patient with yourself and your heart. There isn't any set time limit on a break-up, or perfect emotional tools in getting over someone you love. It depends on how long you were together, who broke up with who and your personality. There are some general guidelines you can use when you're recovering from a broken heart that you can use to help you get over your ex.

First and foremost, you should be focusing on you- on taking care of yourself, on getting back to being yourself. Part of the difficulty of a break-up comes from having shared everything with your partner, sometimes even going from living together to living alone again. It's a huge adjustment to make. Part of what can help you in the process is going back to your you- remembering who you are, what you like- and getting rid of the history of your relationship.

If you still have contact with your ex, stop- take a complete break from any phone calls, texts or emails. Re-opening the wound, over and over again, doesn't help you feel better. In fact, it keeps you in the mourning process with very little progress forward. This is the time for re-decorating, getting that new haircut or getting new clothes or joining new clubs. This is the ideal time for you to re-invent yourself, even if just a little- you'll feel better. The busier you keep yourself, the more improvements you do the easier the break-up gets.

Remind yourself of all of your wonderful qualities, and all of the great things you have to offer. It can make you feel insecure, and second-guess yourself. It's only natural, but part of the break-up process is also realizing you have so many good points. The relationship couldn't have happened if you didn't both have something you each liked and found attractive. The more confident you become, the more you'll start feeling like yourself again.

Losing someone you really love isn't easy for anyone. But you can get back to yourself, and even come out from a break-up a happier, better you. One that is stronger, more confident and eventually, someone who will be ready to love and be loved again.