Don't Let Anxiety Axe Your Long-Distance Romance

Dating long-distance can be difficult. Not seeing the person on a daily, or even weekly basis, having limited contact with your partner or even missing those special days you'd typically spend together in a regular relationship can be trying. The biggest problem couples faced when they're in a long-distance relationship is: insecurities. Jealousy, because you don't have the assurance of the person's presence to soothe you. Your imagination can paint so many worst-case scenarios, of perfect-10s hitting on your sweetheart, or so many distractions they're losing interest in you. Feeling insecure in a long-distance relationship is only natural, but it can hurt your relationship if you let it get out of control. Here are a few ideas to help with jealousy:

  1. Contact as consistently as possible. Not as much as possible, but as steady as possible. Creating a schedule gives you both stability. Thankfully, with technology it's become a lot easier. Phoning and chatting on-line and sending emails are wonderful ways to keep in touch. You can also supplement it with the old-fashioned charm of the telephone, where you can set up special rates, and letters or postcards. You can still keep them on their romantic toes by sending surprises. Your relationship should be treated like any other, with variety being the spice.
  2. The key to any relationship is trust. In a long-term relationship, when you're struggling with more insecurities than you're used to, you're going to have to suspend your disbelief more than usual. You're choosing to be in the relationship because you care about the other person. Trust goes with that. Be honest when you're feeling a little unsure about things and let them know exactly where your head's at. Without body language or even a voice to 'read,' you have to express yourself with more clarity. They're dealing with their own insecurities in the relationship, too.
  3. Prove yourself worthy by not getting carried away by your jealousy. The little green monster can have a mind of its own, and can take over. It can also become endlessly tiresome to be on the receiving end of suspicion and constantly having to account for your whereabouts and who-withs.

Long-distance relationships are viable for lasting romance. You'll have to put some effort into it, on both sides, but in the end if you're patient and you can quench those insecurities you've got a real chance of success. Remember: they won't always be so far away.