He Cheated and You're Heartbroken- Help!/ Dealing With Your Cheating Partner

There's never a good time to get cheated on. When you find out he's cheated, you feel angry and you don't know what to do. Do you break-up, make up or give it some time? It's such a betrayal of the trust and love that you gave him freely, that he didn't respect. It depends on your situation and your relationship. It's different if you've only been together a short time, compared to a 10-year relationship- it will affect your decision. If children are involved, it makes it even more complicated. When you're debating, you need some advice.

There are articles here that deal with every facet of cheating or infidelity: the cheating boyfriend. The cheating husband. Recovering from cheating by healing your heart and which steps to take. How to go about forgiving him to save your marriage or relationship. Cheating disrupts relationships, it catches you off-guard and leaves you at a loss. Getting some guidelines or even a lifeline right after you find out you've been cheated on can be exactly what you need.

The main thing to keep in mind when dealing with infidelity is that you need to take time to think it over. Reading about the possibilities might help you make the decision that's right for you- and can help you overcome your heartbreak.

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