Asking Her Out With Finesse / Ask Out Your Dream Girl In Style

Asking someone out on a first date is one of the most gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking experiences, particularly when you've had your eye on them for quite some time. The whole wet palms, heart-beating out of your chest that positively freezes you stiff when you think about it. It never gets easier, asking her out on a date without sounding completely desperate? Without sounding needy or whiny, and with a good chance of her saying yes? There may be no guarantees in life, dating even less, but there are ways to shore up your chances in successfully asking her out.

  1. The most vital thing to remember: the worst thing that can happen is that she can say 'no.' It might be embarrassing or hurt for some time to deal with the rejection, but at the end of the day it's not the end of the world. On the plus side, at the very least you've got more practice in on asking women out.
  2. Organize your thoughts and the actual date beforehand. Give yourself an out, with a date idea that could be easily modified either by the time or even the activity. The weekend nights are usually not great date nights, because everyone makes plans with their friends or the date possibilities aren't open to having a good conversation.
  3. When you ask her, keep yourself short, sweet and to the point. Specifically let her know the where, when and that you're interested, but not creepily so. Rambling on happens many times from nerves, but when you're asking her out for a date you can confuse her or come off sounding desperate. You don't want a misunderstanding end up standing you up on your first date.
  4. Confidence sells, neediness pushes her away. Confidence is a necessity to asking her out. It's difficult to fake, and if it's badly done it seems either too needy or cocky. Find your balance between the two will help you ask her out with style. Practicing in the mirror or perhaps buying a new shirt will help bolster you.

Asking her out smoothly, getting her to say yes and finally having your first date takes a little preparation if you want to do it well. You can ask her out without looking (or feeling) desperate or needy- in fact, you can pull it off with impeccable style.